BIOETON Deutschland GmbH located in Kyritz (approx. 100 km north-west from Berlin) operates state-of-the-art production facilities which consist 2 independent production lines. We produce and offer apart from high quality waste-based fuels also the highest quality fatty acid methyl esters for technical applications.
BIOETON Deutschland GmbH produces innovative, high quality, environmentally-friendly, sustainable products in the fields: ETON-technical, ETON-second generation and ETON-first generation. During the production process we obtain by-products which are glycerine and potassium sulphate which are then used in the chemical industry, as well as the fertilizer industry.


Actually ETON-technical is offered in three categories. Main difference lies in the purity (colour) of this products.

ETON-Second generation

Eton-2. Generation is produced from waste (e.g. used cooking oils). Fuels produced by us are characterized by highest levels of sustainability values and have significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to fossil diesel fuel. Thus we are in no way in competition for raw materials for foods such as plant-based biofuels do. In particular, we are not affected by the discussions such as food vs. fuel or an indirect land-use change (ILUC). Currently, we have with this product a GHG reduction potential of 90.8%.

ETON-First generation

Still we are also offering this product on demand.