As of September 21, 2012 the Bioeton Kyritz GmbH has been merged with Bioeton Deutschland GmbH.
Founded as a classical B100-system, in recent years we have been able to continue production of environmentally-friendly, innovative biodiesel with modernized facilities.

Our annual production capacity is approximately 90.000 tons.
Beside the two independent production lines, we also operate at Kyritz the following production facilities:

a rapseed oil plant with the capacity of 27.000 t/y. The plant uses regionally/nationally obtained seeds. Pressed oil is used either for technical applications or sold to third parties. By-product of the process is rapsexpeller which is then used in the animal feed industry as an important protein carrier,

a steam generating plant based on eco-friendly pellets. This allows us to meet our demand for steam for our basic needs considering ecological aspects (GHG reduction). Moreover we achieve an independence from the gas supplier.

a distillation plant with the capacity of 3.200 t/y to produce the high-quality pharmaglycerin with the purity above 98%. This product is then used in the cosmetics and chemical industry.


2002 - Construction of the 1st production line (press shop, degumming, transesterification, glycerin processing, glycerin distillation, esterification)

2003 - Commissioning, production of biodiesel from rapeseed-oil mainly for the B 100 market

2006 - Construction of the 2nd production line (additional degumming with physical deacidification, transesterification, glycerin processing, esterification), expansion of the tank farm, construction of a biomass boiler for the heat supply

2007 - Commissioning, plant with the latest technology for the processing of waste oils, increasing production and continuous increase of waste-based vegetable oils as our raw material

In 2009 BDK went bankrupt. Changed market conditions made it impossible to follow the existing business model. Polish investors took over, being then biggest polish investors in Brandenburg.

Since 2012 we focus on usage of resource saving raw materials. These are today mainly used cooking oil/fats and fatty acids. Because of the usage of this raw materials we produce environmental friendly green house gas saving products / components.

In 2015 shareholders have decided to continue the already started diversification process. We invested into a milting unit (cleaning of used cooking oils). This melting unit operates under the name: Pureton GmbH.

In April 2016 started test phase at Pureton.